26 November



Pledge Festival

A simple, inexpensive yet effective endeavour to involve the citizens of India, particularly the students, and get from them a written commitment that they will keep the countryÂ’s interest paramount in their thoughts, words and action.

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Uniting India: A Peace Model

India is under the threat of terrorism. Whether it is parliament attack on December 13, 2001, Mumbai terrorism incident on 26 Nov 2008, or the latest Pathankot air base attack by terrorists on January 2, 2016, some policemen, army men and innocent civilians died. Few terrorists were nabbed or killed. Prime Minister and other ministers shed tears for the lives lost and showered praises on the soldiers getting killed while offering the valiant fight. Our government always kept on crying for international pressure on Pakistan to stop terrorism. Pakistan always denied allegations. Media came out with headlines for few days on each such incident until those headlines were taken over by another important news item. There is silence for some time. Calendar awaits another terrorism related incident. Can India war with Pakistan? Answer is No. Can India remain silent? Obviously the answer is No. In the US, when the twin towers in New York were reduced to rubbles with planes used as bombs as a matter of conspiracy by Osama Bin Laden in September 2001, the American President came out with an act called The Patriot Act, 2001 urging the people of America to pledge their love and loyalty to the country and ensure that no non-state actor is allowed to promote anti-nationalism in America. The result has been that America has not seen any terrorism related incidence thereafter. American nationalism is offering the answer. In India, since independence, terrorism related incidences have taken away lives far more than the number of people lost in the wars. There is a need to ponder why and how the terrorists are able to get into the soil of India. Why and how the anti-national elements are able to rise on this land. Why the country is often seeing violent incidents killing innocent people whether it is by terrorists, or Naxals or people belonging to any community or faith. At times unfortunate expressions like Islamic terrorism and Hindu terrorism are finding niche in the newspapers. And solution does not seem to be very easy for the government of the day. Amidst simmering tension between India and China in 1961, Sampoornanand Committee constituted by Jawaharlal Nehru did make an attempt to find out ways and means to promote nationalism in the mind of younger generation. But that was not very successful because of abysmal low literacy level and country was the last thing in the minds of people scurrying for jobs and financial security.

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Pledge in English

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We the people of India today do solemnly pledge ourselves to the service of our nation with honesty, sincerity and commitment always keeping our nations interests paramount; in all that we think, do or say for the greater glory of this land.

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Have an idea, a nationalism theme, motivation and inspiration in mind. Give it a form of poster, article, art-form and share it with us and find a place for your work in our cause partners column.Full Story


Pledge Festival

A simple, inexpensive yet effective endeavour to involve the citizens of India, particularly the students, and get from them a written commitment that they will keep the countryÂ’s interest paramount in their thoughts, words and actionRead More



In an endeavour to spread the cause of nationalism, BIG has drafted the pledge in 15 different languages with active support from well known odiya writer Manas Ranjan Mahapatra, Dr. Umakanta Mishra, P S Bindra, Utpal Borpujari, Dash Benhur, Ambika Nanda, Abhijit Lele, Vivek Varshney, R Suryamurthy, R venkatraman, A K Roy, V Mohan Rao and G MV Ramanna among others on November, 2009.Full Story



Members can register with us to have the programmes and activities arranged in their institutions. They can also get listing on our "Cause Partners" column on our website as well an open portal to update recent activities and developemnt programmes undertaken in their institution. Remember our forum is visited by millions of visitors across the country as well as abroad.Get Access

BIG Timeline

Build India Group's Timeline is a mirror of how a Nationalism concern evolved to make this concern truly a national concern by involving masses into a programme that motivates and sparks the sleeping patriotism in every Indian.




The 129-page book is authored by Biraja Mahapatra, who runs a civil society -- Build India Group -- of like-minded lawyers and journalists. He said while several countries had their own national pledges, India did not have one.

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BIG Vision

Our valued cause partners will be requested to have discussion forums in their respective states on various national issues and continuously update the discussions on the website, make people aware of their rights and duties, talk about environment protection, health and other issues among other things. Our website shall carry creative imagination of young students in the form of poetry, stories and essays, features on achievements by youngsters. With the passage of time, there will be an endeavour to provide appropriate school and college study materials and to create a platform called "Village Knowledge Center" in each and very village across the country DON'Ts: Those who join this movement are to promise that they must stick to idea of peace, love and harmony. In this forum unleashing sense of hatred against individual, group or community is strictly prohibited.

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